The Collabortive EP – Gold Stem

The Collabortive EP – Gold Stem


The Collabortive EP – Gold Stem
?1. Miss You f. Kyru Wik
??2. Because of You f. ?Luva Boi Beamer
?3. Pillow f. Janelle Emilie
?4. Don’t Ask Me f. Liya
?5. I’ll Be Fine f. Roy Diezel
?6. Flowers f. Dippity
Project is smooth. All the production is dope makes you wanna just lay back and relax. Outside of that and the first track the vocal mixes and some of the features didnt really give it the love it needed. Dude on track 2 came with the cornyness but it was a bit entertaining so it didnt completely ruin the song. Then all the ladies as lovely as they sounded didnt get that mix love they needed, some of them sounded like repeating samples and not features while others were a bit too up front and didnt have as much love as the beat mixing got. Solid either way, this is a series I could invest in if the bar keeps getting raised. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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