Leonardo De’Virgo – Wiz Kelly

Leonardo De’Virgo – Wiz Kelly


Leonardo De’Virgo – Wiz Kelly
?1. Leonardo
?2. Picasso
?3. Van Geaux (End Switchup Smacks)
?4. Michelangelo
?5. Gordon Parks
?6. Jean Michel
?7. Romare Bearden
?8. Skip & Sebastian
?9. De’virgo
This project is dope man. This a whole vibe for multiple directions. You can smoke to this or light some sage to this shit. This the type of music that if you listening to it and put on the right type of hate or a pair of slacks your whole energy switchup for the day, in person or in social media you gon be on some “Why do you insist on puttin that in your body young blood?” type shit or “the government don’t care about you or any of us friend” type energy. I am not mad at it, I imagine this what people hear after they get with Erykah Badu and decide to wear bright colors and suspenders. Super dope, super smooth, very lesson heavy but also digestable. Quality clean, his delivery clean, his message clean, i rocked with all of it. Can trick strict parents into letting you play this out loud in the crib. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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