Saviour – Self Savior $$

Saviour – Self Savior $$


Saviour – Self Savior $$
?1. Wassup (f. Snipe Slugz)
?2. Beatbox (Exit 21 Remix)
?3. Eregular (f. Cryptic)
?4. Lemon Pepper (Exit 21 Remix)
?5. Til I Kill Myself (f. Coulter)
?6. Velt Villian
?7. Swarm Dem
?8. Meet Again
This project confused the fuck out of me, because he either raps half decent or completely sucks. If he did more of track 5 and 8 he would have a decent project, but when he starts doing that other weird shit, like moan crying, it’s no bueno. It also didn’t help that he had the 2005 poorly edited MySpace photo as a cover either. Tracks 5 and 8 were cool, the rest sounded like stale corn flakes. I don’t think he found his sound yet. So if this review can help you, stick to the sound from those tracks and you’ll have better projects in the future.
2/10 – D.


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