Unoverse 2 – UnoTheActivist

Unoverse 2 – UnoTheActivist


Unoverse 2 – UnoTheActivist
?01. Jimmy Fallon
?02. Don’t Panic
?03. On the Moon
?04. Pinocchio
?05. Givenchy
?06. All I’m Sayin’
?07. Burnt Out!
?08. Casket
?09. Knotts
?10. Dreams
Who the fuck actually listens to this shit? Hellen Keller must’ve mixed it because it’s straight ass. Dude raps like he’s falling asleep on a rain cloud. Dude raps like Atari made his sprite and then his sprite tried to rap over sprite rap beats also made by Atari’s brain damaged designer. Track 3’s hook was so bad that I contemplated beating the fuck out of myself. These dudes must be paying for IG verification and followers because that shit makes 0 sense. Not only is this shit ass, but it definitely can’t sound good on any stereo system so unless you hate yourself there’s no reason to do this to your speakers. Shit made me depressed. In fact, I’m calling out of work now and then quitting my job because I need to stay home and think about what the fuck I did to myself by reviewing this. What I did like about it though was.. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Stop rapping because it’s easy. God dammit!
00000/10 – D.


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