Mud Mouth – Yelawolf

Mud Mouth – Yelawolf


Mud Mouth – Yelawolf
?01. Light as a Feather
?02. Oh No
?03. Bounce
?04. Conoco
?05. Dope
?06. Rocks at Your Window
?07. HillBilly Einstein
?08. Money (ft. Jelly Roll & Struggle Jennings)
?09. Losers Win Again
?10. Dog House
?11. Homeward Bound
?12. Aquanet
?13. Hot
?14. Mud Mouth
Yelawolf makes music for a very specific audience, and at times it’s hard to understand and appreciate its message because of that. I’m honestly not a big fan of this style of rap so all respect to those that are, but when it comes to quality and delivery, I liked those elements. As far as lyrically and production I wasn’t really feeling it. It wasn’t that it was bad, it just didn’t speak to me. Although there was a mix of singing which I appreciated, when he started actually rapping it all just delivered the same way, and it didn’t put emphasis on the message of the song and how I was digesting it. I enjoyed some of the vocal tones during the singing, but aside from that, this album didn’t really do anything else for me. It was OK.
5/10 – D.


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