I Tape – Vic Mensa

I Tape – Vic Mensa


I Tape – Vic Mensa
?1. INTRODUCTION (feat. Dickson)
?3. MILLIONAIRES (feat. Tish Hyman)
?5. FR33DOM (feat. Zachari)
?6. MOOSA (feat. Jeremih, Eryn Allen Kane & Wyatt Waddell)
?7. SHELTER (feat. Wyclef Jean & Chance the Rapper)
Man it’s been a while since a beat drop gave me goosebumps but JusBlaze is known for doing that. Vic is nice but y’all should know this by now. He got bars, cadence, impactful delivery and clever metaphors that make you think about shit after the song is over. Every song on here gave me chills it’s that good! In heavy rotation.
8.5/10 – LP


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