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Slumafia – Yelawolf & DJ Paul

Slumafia – Yelawolf & DJ Paul
Slumafia – Yelawolf & DJ Paul
🚒01. Trans Am
🔥02. Tote The Bag
🔥03. Lucchese (ft Badd Wolf)
🔥04. Still The Man
🔥05. Don’t Need a Cup
🆗06. Slumafia (ft Big Henri, Gangsta Boo, Seed of 6ix & Bray)
🌊07. Super Geek
🚒08. Head Banger (ft Pretty Shy & Caskey)
Project absolutely SMACKS I mean if you don’t listen to this in a car or around a decent sound system you are doing yourself a disservice. Pretty consistent quality all the way through, yelawolf is sliding features all do their things for the most part and the beats are gas I had a great time blasting this one in the car.
8/10 – JW
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