Still Taking Risks – Quando Rondo

Still Taking Risks – Quando Rondo


Still Taking Risks – Quando Rondo
?01. Blue Man (Hook took away from this)
?02. Red Eye
??03. Drop Sum
?04. Devil On My Shoulder
?05. I Thought
??06. Purple Baby
?07. Okay
??08. 21
?09. Angel Wings
??10. Still Doing Wrong
?11. Cest Friends
?12. No More
?13. DND & AirPlanes
??14. Soul Reaper
??15. Stand On It
??16. End Of Story (Bonus)
?17. Street Life (Bonus)
?18. Go That Way (Bonus)
Project is solid. Of all the generic, one trick pony cookie cutter clones out there, this music at least sounds a like it had a bit more effort mixed into whatever his label payed for. Its loaded with trap beats, piano beats, autotune and industry words (trap, trenches, mud, n***a etc etc). Once you realize that is what you are gonna get you can sit back and appreciate the quality. Its clean, well produced and put together and every once in a blue you can hear him trying to put a bit of himself in the music outside of what we all see. Starts solid but after a bit you realize its just one big looping song with some small differences, at that point it becomes solid background music. Nothing else. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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