Not Playin (Deluxe) – Madmarcc

Not Playin (Deluxe) – Madmarcc


Not Playin (Deluxe) – Madmarcc
?1. Amber Alert
?2. Campbellton (remix)(feat. King Von?)
?3. Trenches (feat. Hylan Starr)
?4. Right Or Wrong (feat. Rylo Rodriguez)
?5. 6 House (feat. 42 Dugg)
?6. iWoulda (feat. Renni Rucci)
?7. Like Home (feat. Lil Baby)
Not going to lie, the intro made me have higher hopes for this project but was let down before the intro even ended. This the new school rap I’m going to use auto tune and sound like I’m in pain over a somber basic 808 beat. This shit is high key trash. Only bright spot is King Von giving some much needed aggression rap to this whoa is me I’m from the streets trash music. Throw the whole artist away!
1/10 – LP


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