Slime Language 2 – YSL, Young Thug & Gunna

Slime Language 2 – YSL, Young Thug & Gunna


Slime Language 2 – YSL, Young Thug & Gunna
?01. Slatty (feat. Yak Gotti & Lil Duke)
?02. Ski
?03. Diamonds Dancing (feat. Travis Scott)
?04. Solid (feat. Drake)
?05. Came and Saw (feat. Rowdy Rebel)
?06. Paid The Fine (feat. Lil Baby & YTB Trench)
??07. Proud Of You (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Yung Kayo)
?08. Real (feat. Unfoonk)
?09. I Like (feat. Coi Leray & Karlae)
??10. Warrior (feat. Big Sean?, Lil Keed & T-Shyne)
?11. Pots N Pans (feat. Lil Duke & NAV)
?12. WokStar (feat. Skepta & Strick)
?13. Superstar (feat. Future)
?14. Came Out (feat. Lil Keed)
?15. Really Be Slime (feat. BSlime, FN DaDealer & YNW Melly)
??16. Take It To Trial (feat. Yak Gotti)
??17. Trance (feat. Karlae & Yung Bleu)
?18. GFU (feat. Shack Wes, Yung Kayo & Yak Gotti)
?19. Moon Man (feat. Kid Cudi? & Strick)
?20. Como Te Llamo (feat. HiDoraah)
?21. Reckless (feat. Dolly White)
?22. That Go! (Feat. Meek Mill? & T-Shyne)
?23. My City Remix (feat. YTB Trench)
Let’s get the good out the way first. The beats were for the most part are on point, the features for the most part made these songs bareable…that’s the good. The bad? Pacing is all over the place like for an album a long ass one like this the song placements could’ve made the pacing better, the auto tune whining gets old after track 6, and for a triple a project spearheaded by thugger you just was looking for way more than what this gave. Take like 6/7 songs from this project throw out the rest.
4.5/10 – LP


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