King of Indiana – Skypp

King of Indiana – Skypp


King of Indiana – Skypp
?01. KOI: Episode I
?02. Royal Entry
?03. Dizaster to Glory f. DJ Topspeed
?04. KOI: Episode II
?05. Cilantro f. Swoe Whoa
?06. German Whiskey
?07. The Original Gangster
?08. KOI: Episode III
?09. Fix Yo’ Crown f. Rhymefest, Allison Victoria & Jared Thompson
?10. Sundown Town, USA
?11. Divine Rights of Kings
?12. KOI: Episode IV
?13. Nadt
?14. Eerie Dreams f. Jaecyn Bayne
?15. Rage or Sage? (We Love You Kyrie)
?16. KOI: Episode V
?17. Blaxplloitation f. Chuck Mason
?18. God Image
?19. Ranks of Nobility f. Double A
?20. KOI: Episode VI
I went into this project judging it heavy, thinking his name was meh and the king thing wouldve fell flat and not knowing what Indiana rap would sound like. I was absolutely wrong. Project slapped. He was fucking rap rapping, the pacing was dope, it was relevant, the story was dope the skits had a mix of a lil corny but with some charm so I was with it, the features were here too and all the production worked. Quality was clean and he was weaving in and out of some hard hitting flames to some chill type vibes. Project is a bit long even if skits werent included but its got replay value for sure. One worth checking out. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.


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