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Slid Thru Part 2 – Rockie Fresh

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Slid Thru Part 2 – Rockie Fresh
🆗01. Last Day of School
🌊02. Re Up
🌊03. 4 Door
🔥04. Racer f. Vic Mensa
🌊05. Gucci f. Tobi Lou & Jeff Kaale
🌊06. Keep It 100
🔥07. No Accident
👍🏾08. In Too Deep f. 24hrs
🔥09. 200 at Soule’
🔥10. Home
Project slides. Its got a dope mix of straight hip hop, some smooth, some new age, and it all works for the most part. The pacing was solid, the content weaved in and out accordingly, and the production was just as versatile. He has a dope voice and really mixed his flow and delivery up often but not too much where he is indistinguishable. This project had moments that made me wanna play 2k or miss basketball highlight mixtapes but also moments that made me wanna drive around blasting it. Very solid. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.
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