Love or the Trap – Fleeion

Love or the Trap – Fleeion


Love or the Trap – Fleeion
?01. Follow Up
?02. Off the Rip
?03. Upwards Afloat
?04. Goons
??05. Overdose
?06. Focused on Love
?07. Icy Clean
?08. Katya
?09. Prada Nasty
?10. Bad Bad
??11. Off a Pill f. Zack. & Steveyspliff
?12. Ratchet Shit
?13. Pushed Me Away
Project is a bit boring. Even though it bounces from him doing his best Dave East impression but physically abusing the amount of double time he incorporates on this, it never once shy’s away from awful autotune and this repetitive ass flow. All the flash rap, all the typical industry bells and whistles but done at a painfully average unoriginal pace. Its not bad its just when it sounds good, youve heard it before. Its clean overall, and something you can put on in the background but not something I would ask who is this or want to remember who this artist is after hearing it.
6/10 – John D.


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