Iykyk – VvG

Iykyk – VvG


Iykyk – VvG
??01. 1989
?02. Practice Freestyle
??03.Hershey Hawkins
?04. Blue Suburban
??05. Dat Brother’s Starvin
??06. Mr. EverytimeUSeeMeGotANewChain
?07. Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Blame VvG
?08. Martha Shuttlesworth
?09. Chris Mullin
?10. 2 Headed Ape (feat. Flea?)
??11. ‘99 Diablo
?12. W. Lamar Blade (feat. Promise Da Ghad)
?13. Don Lucho Freestyle
This project would be great if it didn’t need extensive work. The mixes are uneven you can barely hear the beat he’s rapping over. Speaking of the beats they are remade versions of industry beats, and I get this is a mixtape but I want to hear what he can do on production made for him not off of other artists. Dude can rap tho. Has a dope cadence and you can tell he’s well versed in structuring his bars which is a plus but the production left everything else on the table. Would love to see what he can do with some real production.


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