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Triangles – T.R.3

Triangles – T.R.3
Triangles – T.R.3
🔥01. Spirit
🚒02. Rags2Riches
🗣03. Post 1
🚒04. Light Harvest
🚒05. Busy Body f. Sage Price
🔥06. The Source
🔥07. Another Cold Night f. Gavlyn
🌊08. Cash Out
🔥09. 1 Of US f. KANGFRVR
🗣10. Post 2
🔥11. Vices & Devices f. Self Provoked & Jon Swaii
🚒12. Hypocrites
🔥13. Flying Faith f. Ariano, Krum, Pecks-One & LDontheCut
🌊14. Suicide Is Weak
🗣15. Post 3
🌊16. Fecal Matters
🔥17. Donuts & Derbies
This project absolutely slaps. Put respect on his name. He does it all on here. Not one bag left unused. What makes it better is the fact that everything on this project was up there too. Every beat, every feature, every subject he decided to touch on all of it fucking shined. This wasnt put out to show you he can rap, or to sing or anything singular. This was made so you know that you have no choice than to put respect on his name as an artist period. Pacing, content, variety, and replay value is here even if its 17 tracks (3 skits) it did not come to be overlooked. In rotation. Stream this one, shit, buy it.
9.3/10 – John D.
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