Seven Times Down Eight Times Up – eLZhi

Seven Times Down Eight Times Up – eLZhi

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?01. Foolish Intro
?02. Smoke & Mirrors f. Monica Blaire
?03. EarlyBird Nightowl
?04. Hot Winter Cold Summer
?05. Light One Write One
?06. Ferndale
?07. Guns & Boats f. Fes Roc
?08. THUGGed Out Zombies
?09. Potential
?10. G.O.D. f. Monica Blaire
?11. Master Class
?12. Jason

Project slides. If I have to say anything negative about it is, there was way too many raps, and not just any raps, like substance filled, word play heavy, real raps. It highkey burnt me out. Outside of that it was super dope, the production was here, it all felt effortless, its clean, the pacing was cool, the few features were dope, I loved the skits it all worked. It just hit a point where I was trying so hard to listen that I started blanking out and just wanted to relax, like I highkey needed a nap. Sometimes you hit a point of pen game going GOD mode that it takes away from the song making. This is perfect example of that because it lacked flash and anything that really stood out. It set a tone early, but by no means does that make it bad. Just allot to digest. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.



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