Life of Sossa – Sally Sossa

Life of Sossa – Sally Sossa

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Life of Sossa – Sally Sossa

??01. Intro
??02. 100 Flows
?03. It Ain’t Love
?04. Gmfu
?05. Need Me
?06. Right My Wrongs
?07. Star Song
?08. Chosen
??09. A Letter To The Streets
?10. Who Are You

Sally Sossa….if you’re listening…listen well…just stop with the auto tune singing you sound like a female Lil Durk it’s bad mama. Secondly…learn how to ride the beat who ever is engineering you needs to be fired not one were you actually on beat your cadence is all over the place and it’s a shame because when you rapped you actually said shit. This album ain’t it mama fire your marketing team ASAP.
1/10 – LP



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