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Made For This – Thiskhaosmusic

Made For This – Thiskhaosmusic

Made For This – Thiskhaosmusic

🔥01. Wait On It
🔥02. Check
🌊03. No More
🌊04. Step Out
🆗05. Part of the Game
👍🏾06. Temptation
🌊07. Run Wit It
🌊08. Love For You
🌊09. No Feelings
🆗10. All Day

Dude can rap but he gets lazy. Overall project is clean, production is smooth, and he has a dope cadence. He goes in and out between some new age flows and some bay area type flows. I wasnt mad at it. Biggest issue is some of the songs he kinda phone’d it in. They were a bit boring like you just know he couldve at least tried. Pacing wise it starts to drain you, and go downhill more than up. It lost me on a few parts but overall I was vibing with it. This is a blend between some like drake type beat tracks and chilled cow in the background vibes. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.

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