Made For This – Thiskhaosmusic

Made For This – Thiskhaosmusic

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Made For This – Thiskhaosmusic

?01. Wait On It
?02. Check
?03. No More
?04. Step Out
?05. Part of the Game
??06. Temptation
?07. Run Wit It
?08. Love For You
?09. No Feelings
?10. All Day

Dude can rap but he gets lazy. Overall project is clean, production is smooth, and he has a dope cadence. He goes in and out between some new age flows and some bay area type flows. I wasnt mad at it. Biggest issue is some of the songs he kinda phone’d it in. They were a bit boring like you just know he couldve at least tried. Pacing wise it starts to drain you, and go downhill more than up. It lost me on a few parts but overall I was vibing with it. This is a blend between some like drake type beat tracks and chilled cow in the background vibes. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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