WhatAmItoDo? – Mute the Messiah

WhatAmItoDo? – Mute the Messiah

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]WhatAmItoDo? – Mute the Messiah

?1. WhatAmItoDo?
?2. WhyDoWe?
??3. Changes (Like Water)
?4. Idk-Anymore f. Fixed Fate & Lindsay Whiteman
??/?5. Hey, Joliee f. Maya La Maya
??6. Ability! f. Jae SV & Kendall Joseph
?7. Bright Beginnings
?8. Give Yourself Some Time

Project is missing something. I loved the production, the vibe and the risks taken. That being said I feel like some things didnt work for me, he can rap and his features came through but his delivery and voice sometimes hit me as a bit stale or he tried things that didnt hit my ears right at times. It wasnt like things were bad, it just didnt have the sauce to make me like love tracks or fully bop. I was either left with thinkings tracks were vibes or just ok. The potential is here for sure, pacing was here, and hes got the sound. Just gotta sauce things up.
6/10 – John D.


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