Alpha•omega – Yannone

Alpha•omega – Yannone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Alpha•omega – Yannone

?01. Lose (Intro)
?02. Who Am I?
?03. Much Too Much
?04. Boulevard f. Lakeith Rashad
?05. Modern Warfare
?06. All About Bars
?07. Gettin’ Right
?08. Phone Call (Interlude)
?09. Storm f. Breana Marin
?10. Clean Slate f. SH3
?11. 3-Peat
?12. Do You Dare f. SH3
?13. My Last f. We$ & Breana Marin
?14. On and On

Project slides. He has a very dope ear for production. Every beat on this took me somewhere, even made me want to just write and flow. Each feature elevated the tracks they were on. He also did just enough to get by on each track, had personal, had some punches had some sauce but mostly some clapback to his hater bars mixed with some real life. Not aggressive more so that they know hes been putting work in. Sometimes his delivery got shakey or sometimes stayed a bit too the same but it was never enough to ruin tracks for me. He did just enough to keep the vibe going. This could be looped all day, its not that long. In rotation for sure.
7.8/10 – John D.


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