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Tgif II – Frank Nitti

Tgif II – Frank Nitti

Tgif II – Frank Nitti

🌊1. Frescobar
🔥2. No Different
🌊3. Chill f. Capone
🔥4. Padded Room
🌊5. Honestamente
🔥6. Iyam f. Handsome Hye
🔥7. Catchup f. Andrew Daniell

Project is dope, dude can rapppppp. He just doesnt switch it up much so when the songs longer than 3 minutes even by a second it starts to scratch your ears wrong. When there is contrast tho it really works like the last 2 songs. Its short, the production is a dope, the raps are dope, the delivery is here the pacing is solid so this is one that can be looped easily. Its got a bit of aggression to it, mainly in his voice so this is more war ready music than like club or turn up. In rotation for sure.
7.5/10 – John D.

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