Kontraband – Rome Streetz

Kontraband – Rome Streetz

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?01. Track Markz
?02. Lick Da Toad
?03. Bucketz (feat. Daniel Son)
?04. Mirrors & Smoke
?05. Laced
?06. Ghetto Star JR Escobar
?07. London Pound Cake (feat. Radamiz)
?08. Ballad of a Lone Wolf
?09. SinSation
?10. Eyes on Fire (feat. Ransom)
??11. Lucky Stopped Dreaming
?12. Word 2 Mommy

Man was this album a trip down late 90s early 2000s rap. Didn’t know who Rome Streetz was until I listened but color me impressed. Dude can spit and the old school beats are clean af. This album is very well structured there is clear old school story telling the lyrics hit man this album is a gem. Only grip I had was some of the intros but that aside this was a good time! In rotation
8.5/10 – LP


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