Too Afraid To Dance – Chuck Strangers

Too Afraid To Dance – Chuck Strangers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Too Afraid To Dance – Chuck Strangers

?1. Frozen Dinners
??2. Luke Crib
?3. Regular Season
?4. Family Dollar (feat. KA)
?5. Operations (feat. Caleb Giles)
?6. Surrender (feat. Navy Blue)
??7. St. Peter
?8. Fantasy’s Fade

Ok… it’s not that I didn’t like this project but it didn’t wow me. The beats were a little old school which works but the lyrics didn’t give me enough. As I listened I was waiting for there to be more but each song was so short it never really got going. Dude can spit but doesn’t do enough. Hard to put my finger on it I just wanted more. Very quick listen which works but doesn’t at the same time. I want to hear more.
5/10 – LP



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