Dedication 2 EP – Lil Bando

Dedication 2 EP – Lil Bando

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dedication 2 EP – Lil Bando

?01. My Dawg A Savage (intro)
?02. Picasso f. Ty Havin
?03. Need It f. Ty Havin, Markaveli & PackTalk Rayda
?04. Trapper f. C-Rain
?05. What’s Poppin? f. C-Rain
?06. Rover f. Markaveli
?07. T.D f. C-Rain & Markaveli
?08. Sicko Mode
?09. Rainey Flow 2
?10. Bando Flow 2 f. C-Rain
?11. Bookbag f. C-Rain (2nd verse mad loud)
?12. Molly f. C-Rain
?13. Said Sumn
?14. Touch The Sky
??15. Multiple Flow’s f. Markaveli
?16. BBQ
?17. Me and My Dank f. Slim $tnr
??18. Sunshine f. C-Rain
?19. Hell Shell f. C-Rain
?20. Godzilla
?21. We Paid f. J Smoove & C-Rain
??22. Go Stupid f. C-Rain
?23. No Role Models
??24. Deep End
?25. Been Turnt
?26. No Fentanyl
?27. Too Comfortable
??28. LNCL
??29. Int’ Players Anthem
??30. Money Makers f. Southside Bullet & PackTalk Rayda

Project is a bit of a mess. You have a bunch of known beats and no one snapping on them, bringing them down to a very average level. It highkey cancelled songs for me. They can rap but honestly thats about it, they can just rap. No flare, no haymakers, no crazy cadences and melodies, just double time rapping with a super villain tone. When sliding does commence its a good time but its few and far between. Features just showed up sounding the same or mixed at different volumes. Project is also 30 songs. Wouldve made a solid ep and 2 average albums but not 1 full tape. A little bit of sauce wouldve taken this to the top. Tapes like this are supposed to be loaded with treats and random shit to hold onto, they cant be regular. Too long, too familiar, too cookie cutter. Pass.
4/10 – John D.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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