Blaq Dust – Squeegie O

Blaq Dust – Squeegie O


Blaq Dust – Squeegie O
??01. Da Ntro
?02. True Lies
?03. Scene 2 (ft Egon Doe & Ian Dubbz)
?04. Slum Livin’
?05. Oz (ft Pro Zay)
?06. Chain Snatchers
?07. Wave Dust (ft Jamil Honesty)
?08. P.S.A Interlude
?09. Smell Of Death ( ft Tone Liv & Base Bronson) [Aqua Gang]
?10. Love Lace
?11. G.E.M.S (ft TCR) [ Good Energy Manifesting Sonically]
?12. Blaq Mamba
?13. Street Movez (ft Dot Com Intelligence)
?14. Blaq Skin (ft Mvtha Cvla)
?15. Cuban Linx (ft TellerBank$)
?16. Jae Eazy Outro
This project is absolute heat I mean GAS I only have two criticisms and they are minor. And the first one is obvious, even though almost every track is heat this project is too long for most people now days this could of easily been a split release although the tracks do blend nicely. Secondly I didn’t fuck with the hook on track 7 but the verses were fire. Other then those things project is damn near immaculate, production is gas raps is gas if you don’t listen to this your doing yourself a disservice
8.5/10 – JW


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