Trapped on Cleveland 3 (Deluxe) – Lil Keed

Trapped on Cleveland 3 (Deluxe) – Lil Keed

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trapped on Cleveland 3 (Deluxe) – Lil Keed

? 1.Big Order
? 2.Dead Doc (f. Lil Gotit)
? 3.Maniac Thoughts
? 4.Stop It
? 5.Show Me What You Got (f. O.T. Genasis)
? 6.Wanna See You (f. Young Thug)
? 7.Currency Chaser
? 8.Emotional (f. Quavo)
? 9.Back Board (f. Gunna)
? 10.Bangin N Hangin
? 11.Go Brazy (f. Yak Gotti)
? 12.Yank It
? 13.Noticed (f.Lil Duke & Yak Gotti)
? 14.Worst or Better
? 15.Nasty (f. Chris Brown)
? 16.Off Rip (f. Lil Gotti)
? 17.Cuttin
? 18.Thug Luv
? 19.Intro
? 20.Obama Coupe
? 21.Trippin
? 22.Tighten Up
? 23.Kiss Em Peace (f. Young Thug)
? 24.Fox 5 (f. Gunna)
? 25.Cold World
? 26.She Know (f. Lil Baby)
? 27.Wavy (Remix) [? f. Travis Scott]
? 28.Traplanta
? 29.Don’t Stop (f. Ty Dolla $ign)
? 30.Hibachi (f. Young Thug)
? 31.Repaid
? 32.Heartbreaker
? 33.Twisted (f. 42 Dugg)
? 34.Grandparents
? 35.Zaza (f. Future)
? 36.Why
? 37.Here

Why. Are. You. CRYING!?
Let me do it for you. This record made me hate my life. I was thinking about throwing myself in front of traffic after Track 1… I still had 36 to go. Death was inevitable. My guy you have 7 EP’s in here. Why the fuck did you choose to put ALL of them on one project?.. especially when they’re all terrible. I could drive to Florida and back and still have your shit playing before it repeats. AND he’s famous… how sway?.. This is the type of shit brain dead people like. Dude sounds like he wanted to play with his toys but had to eat dinner so he was told to go to his room.. then he went there and threw a tantrum except somehow he had auto tune on his voice during it.. and then somebody took the recording and made mixes of it into parody songs. Listen to Track 3 at 1:52. What the fuck are you even doing?.. what is that? is that even a language? I’m going to beat myself to death now because of you. You’re responsible for that.
-37,000/10 – D



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