Emergency Tsunami – NAV

Emergency Tsunami – NAV

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Emergency Tsunami – NAV

?01. Breaking News Intro
??02. Friends & Family
?03. Young Wheezy f. Gunna
?04. Nasty
?05. Repercussions f. Young Thug
?06. Vetement Socks
??07. Don’t Need Friends f. ?Lil Baby
?08. Make It Right Back
?09. Trains f. Lil Keed
?10. Do Ya Deed f. Sahbabii
?11. Droppin Tears
??12. Modest
?13. Turn & Twist
?14. Breaking News Outro

Project is boring. Its like store bought rainbow cookies. We all are familiar with them, we see them all the time, and we wonder who is actually buying and consuming them. You also cant tell if they are old. Its not good. Its boring, few songs were ok because it had some melodies and some features did good but sometimes not enough to save the songs. NAV has 1 subject and thats it, I was bullied now I try really hard to look and sound cool. Hes like that highschool kid who was fat with a bowl cut then bought a pair of contacts and a gym subscription after graduating. No one cares. Throw this out.
3/10 – John D.



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