OBLIVION – Black Noi$e

OBLIVION – Black Noi$e

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]OBLIVION – Black Noi$e

?01. 14 Trillion
?02. Sorry f. Raphy
?03. Tight Leash f. Mike
?04. The Band f. Live
?05. Mo(u)rning f. Earl Sweatshirt
?06. George’s Baby f. GVVAAN
?07. Glitch f. duendita
?08. Oblivion f. Pink Siifu
??09. 1999 f. Danny Brown
?10. Mutha Magick f. Bbymutha
?11. Bonnie & Clyde f. Zelooperz
?12. 33
?13. Dragon Dance f. Cousin Mouth

Project is a producer putting together a batch of his strange sounding material together and having some people bless it with whatever they got. The production is strange its different, almost like industrial. Then the features when they are present just do what they do some even take it a bit further but nothing too grand. Its clean, its short, it all blends and is easy to just keep on loop. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.



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