Goat Season – OS Dripp

Goat Season – OS Dripp

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Goat Season – OS Dripp

??01. Talk at Shit f. Tylo
??02. That’s Ya f. Tylo
?03. Haha f. Tylo & Bankroll
?04. Ketchup No Mustard f. Tylo?
?05. Man of the Year f. Tylo
??06. Thot Issues f. Tylo
?07. For Da Birdz f. Tylo & G-Code
?08. HeMan f. Bayo
?09. Let It Blow f. Rackstar Yahti
??10. Chacha

The hooks on track 4 and 5 had me crying. Project is strange. Features shined for the most part, minus the one that was on damn near every track. Outside of that and a few moments this project is why bullying needs to come back in all hoods and suburbs. This that fake gun confidence. One of these cats got a lil cookout visitors pass, while the other just sticks behind him closely with his head down. The production was cool but honestly this project was empty lacked soul, all cookie cutter. Bearable but nothing you would wanna run back and it wasnt even that long. Gonna put this one in the same drawer they moms keeps they first tooth and bracelet in.
3/10 – John D.


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