Don’t Feed the Monster – Homeboy Sandman

Don’t Feed the Monster – Homeboy Sandman

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?01. Trauma (Song fucking hurts)
?02. Extinction
?03. Stress
?04. Hello Dancer f. Quelle Chris
?05. Waiting on My Girl
?06. Shorty Heights
?07. Scare You
?08. Don’t Look Down
?09. Monument
?10. Triple Warmer
?11. Biters
?12. Alone Again
?13. Walk by Faith
?14. Gestation
?15. Straight

Homeboy decided to drop a full project and then chose violence. Every song was curated to attack humans. I promise you there is a song on here for you that will make you feel a way. If you are an insecure rapper do not listen to Biters, you will quit rap or feel awful. Also please quit. The pacing is cool, the production is cool but the most important thing on here are the lyrics. This is frustrations and the hard realities step by step of a man who woke up, turned on the tv, then the internet, then went out in public, went to work, visited family, went food shopping, to the gym, maybe therapy, then back to bed to reboot, but with every single step of his day he stopped and recognized what came with every action of his day. Nothing but gold, If I could I would give every line a diamond. In rotation, and very very necessary.
8.5/10 – John D.



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