Chikara – Napoleon Da Legend

Chikara – Napoleon Da Legend

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? 1.The Preface (ft. Crazy DJ Bazarro)
? 2.Chikara (ft. DJ TMB)
? 3.Buffalo Wings (ft. Toney Boi & Crazy DJ Bazarro)
? 4.Calculated Strike (ft. Sicknature & Nejma Nefertiti)
? 5.Mozambique Sultans (ft. Supreme Cerebral, NapsNdreds & Crazy DJ Bazarro)
? 6.Get Richer
? 7.People First
? 8.Golden Oligarchs
? 9.The Process (ft. Hubbs)
? 10.The Other Side (ft. Crazy DJ Bazarro)

Napoleon Da Legend is one of the best hip hop artists of our generation. He continues to drop project after project without losing an ounce of quality. The production hit and the delivery hit, but what shined most were his lyrics. He was saying valuable things that people don’t hear enough. You can learn some valuable info on this if you truly listen. True hip hop right here. Great project.
9/10 – D1C3


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