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Marlowe 2 – Marlowe

Marlowe 2 – Marlowe

Marlowe 2 – Marlowe

📻01. Marlowe Returns (Intro)
🔥02. Spring Kick
🔥03. Small Business
🔥04. Later with It
🚒05. Otherworld
📻06. Snake Oil Scientist
🔥07. Future Power Sources
🚒08. Sawdust Underground
🔥09. Paydirt
🗣10. Eddy Appetit Gets Repoed
🚒11. Dead a Lot
🔥12. Same Team
🔥13. O.G. Funk Rock f. Afro
📻14. The Machinations of E.W. Godfist
🔥15. Can’t Have Me Nothing
🌊16. Lamilton Taeshawn
🚒17. Preach Honest
📻18. A Madman of Conviction (Outro)

Project slaps. Every beat is so fire its not even fair. Even the skits. It sounds so fresh original and signature that you cant really put it in any hip hop box. Then you have Solemn just snapping, having a good time, rapping, singing, vibing, stretching all the words, never breathing and talking extremely nice. Pacing is just pure hip hop Its straight to your face. It almost never lets up, like this could be played in any situation, it made me wanna drive, play ball, it could play behind a movie, or while I play games. It sounds timeless. I barely noticed how long it was. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.

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