Daystar – Tory Lanez

Daystar – Tory Lanez

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?01. Money Over Fallouts
?02. A Woman
??03. Friends Become Strangers
?04. Sorry But I Had To….. (feat. Yoko Gold)
?05. A Poem From Me 2 You
?06. The Most High
?07. Look How GOD Works
?08. Queen and Slim
??09. What’s Kulture ??
?10. Solar Drive @ Night
?11. Bittersweet
?12. Things I Should Of Said
?13. Just Got It Done
?14. Jokes On Me
??15. Care For You
?16. In The Air
?17. Life (feat. Yoko Gold)

Album is clean. Beats typical. The good? He’s in his bag. He’s dissing everyone who’s anybody (Hov, BunB, DreamDoll, Chance The Rapper, JR Smith, Jojo among others). The bad? He consistently denies shooting Meg and does so without any sensitivity to her being shot. We gotta protect our black queens instead of throwing them under the bus. He gets a little woke on some records but he doesn’t do enough to push the narrative. He’s not doing enough for the black plight and he’s insensitive to our black queens especially in the light of Breonna Taylor. Good album bad timing.
7/10 – LP



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