Bronze Saints – Napoleon Da Legend

Bronze Saints – Napoleon Da Legend

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?2.Shaka the Virgo
?3.Shiryu the Dragon ft. Nejma Nefertiti
?4.Bronze Saints
?5.Seiya’s Theme
?6.7th Sense ft. BBass
?7.Wailing Wall
?8.Gold Cloth
?9.Ikki the Phoenix
?10.Love is Love
?11.Athena’s Cry
?13.Soul Prayer

The man isn’t lying when he calls himself a Legend. At any moment he hits you with a gem. The project as a whole was underwhelming due to the fact that this guy got talked all the way up to me. But they can’t all be amazing across the board if he’s putting out this much content in one year. This project felt like a wind down for me. Like he just wanted to soften up the punches a little bit. Not even mad at that, I enjoyed it and will be looking to check out more of his discography.
9/10 -Frank



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