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harmonic minor EP – Ethan Bortnick

harmonic minor EP – Ethan Bortnick
🌊2. FInal Boss
🔥3. 100 Layers
🌊4. The Dino Club
🌊5. sink and die
🔥6. 5 am
Project is a good time, very unique, fun and piano heavy. I was rocking with it, felt like an upbeat movie soundtrack with him singing his ass off. Its all clean it was fun, nothing sounded the same and its short so you can bump it on loop. Only thing I needed was his Yuh raps to sound a bit better on the split at the end of track 2 it wasnt bad but the change up was too fire to not snap on it. All around good time, you can tell this cat is super talented off one listen. I wanna see more. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.
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