Unearthed – Nikki Fre$h

Unearthed – Nikki Fre$h

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Unearthed – Nikki Fre$h

?01. Voicemail: Going Down the Wrong Road?
?02. Parent Trap
?03. Voicemail: Rapping About Bees
??04. Bee’s Tea (BEE BARS and BEAT SLAPS)
?05. Voicemail: Just Like Drake?
?06. U.G.L.Y. (Highkey talking nice to me)
?07. Voicemail: Molly’s Boyfriend
?08. Lill Gems (This is the white girl anthem)
?09. Voicemail: Farmer’s Market Tour
??10. Drip Drip ??????
?11. Knuckle Fresh
?12. We Are A Garden
?13. Voicemail: Life Partners

Lionel RIchie walked so she could be a paraplegic. I am gonna say this off rip, the content is what im fucking talking about. This that spend some time on a farm raps, appropriation raps, save the turtles raps, live laugh love raps. I was here for the raps and the production mostly slapped. Her delivery tho was absolutely garbage, try listening to a white girl at a bar talk about politics but on trap beats for 20 minutes, this is that. The voice messages had some gold. This is the project I will be using to harass people for the next year plus. This album is the “Its Friday” song of our generation.
2/10 – John D.


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