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Paid In Full EP – DMB Gotti

Paid In Full EP – DMB Gotti

Paid In Full EP – DMB Gotti

👍1. Paper Boy (ft. Mozzy)
🆗2. Way I Walk (ft. Donny Loc)
👎3. Summer Sadness
👎4. No Lie (ft. Donny Loc)
👎5. Peter Piper
👎6. Peter Piper (Remix) [ft. Toosii)

This project started off ok on the first track then progressively got worse. I could understand what he was saying, and that’s a plus, but there was no real lyrical content. Simple beats, simple flow, some of the vocals got drowned out by the beats even though they were simple beats, and nothing really stood out to me. It sounded too much like everything else. This ain’t it bruh..
2/10- Rønin


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