Troy Ave, Vol. 2 – Troy Ave

Troy Ave, Vol. 2 – Troy Ave

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Troy Ave, Vol. 2 – Troy Ave

?01. Ball or Quit
?02. She Belongs to the Game 2
??03. Full Clip
?04. Junkie Joe
?05. Fast Life f. ?Chronic Law
?06. Volume 2 Interlude
?07. Loco
?08. Girlfriend
?09. A Love Story
?10. Clown Cake
?11. So Bitter
??12. Sound Asleep

Always thought this dude sounded like a store brand 50 cent back in the day but since its been a minute I couldnt help but notice he adopted some nipsey, mad annoying ass autotune and some jamaican drake. To lay the good out, the production is nice, it has pretty much everything at a very solid tier and quality. Then you have all the very empty flash and tricks of the mainstream of now and of the 90’s combined, a long ass skit that kinda made me wanna do better minus the praying stuff and some weird features minus 1. The whole project seems very lost, like a movie with great actors but zero direction. Pass on this one.
3/10 – John D.



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