A Story Never Told – 2FeetBino

A Story Never Told – 2FeetBino

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Story Never Told – 2FeetBino

?01. My Story
?02. Plenty Sense
?03. Sunny Days
?04. Apple Pie
?05. Ease The Pain
?06. WDYW
?07. Sundown
?08. MadRoxk
?09. Keep Goin
?10. Malcolm in the Middle
?11. Have a Drink
?12. Rain
?13. Book of Feet
?14. Bricks

The story was probably never told because nobody could understand what the dude was saying. When he talked he sounded like he was falling asleep, and when he yelled he sounded like peewee herman with a pitch shifter and autotune. There were a couple of decent tracks. Rain was cool cause of the melody, but everything else was ass juice. On a positive note though, at least the red stamp matches his album cover.
2/10 – Rønin


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