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Out of Lotion – Lil Nut

Out of Lotion – Lil Nut

Out of Lotion – Lil Nut

🩸01. Treyway (Intro)
🚛02. Bitch I’m Lil Nut f. Big Friction
🚮03. Succ f. Lil Scamp
👎🏾04. Pornhub Interlude
🆗05. Out of Lotion f. Lil Scamp
😆06. 6 Minutes of Nothing
🤣07. Earrape Interlude
🌊08. This is Me (Chipmunk Version)
🌊09. Wii Trap Remix f. Lil Scamp (Beat slaps)
😴10. Virgin Freestyle f. Big Friction
🚛11. Sandy Cheeks Autobiography
😂12. Manscaped (Outro)

This is what happens when the reddit youth decide to put out a trap project. It is as bad, as random, as cringey, and as stupid as it gets. There are points where I laughed because I had no choice. I get wanting to just do some random silly shit to get that highschool love but I also get the concept of do not do it. I respect that its on all streaming, and forever gonna be one for the boys so I cannot be mad at it at all. I just know it is also absolute dog shit. Who knows, maybe a lil bit of direction or planning could eventually turn into something actually type funny and maybe decent. Keep this one between you and the boys tho.
2.5/10 – John D.

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