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Ethereal Hell Edition – Sleepy Rose

Ethereal Hell Edition – Sleepy Rose

🆗 01. Da Real One
🌊 02. Jump
👎 03. Bocky (ft. 2 Chainz & Ola Runt)
🗣 04. Ethereal Talk with Dem404boyz
🌊 05. Da Other One
😴 06. It’s on Me
🌊 07. Plug Shit (ft. Rx Hect)
🗣 08. Ethereal Talk 5 Dem404boyz
🆗 09. Use It
🌊 10. On the Low

This project is very VERY much like everything else out right now. It becomes a monotonous sound. It’s not terrible and I appreciate that I can make out what he’s saying and it isn’t oversaturated with adlibs. The production and quality are clean, delivery and lyrics are simple. Not a bad project, not a special one.
5/10 – D1C3


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