Odd Cure – Oddisee

Odd Cure – Oddisee

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?01. Call Baba (Skit)
?02. The Cure
?03. Shoot Your Shot
?04. Call Grandma
?05. I Thought You Were Fate f. Olivier St.Louis
?06. Still Strange f. Priya Ragu & Sainte Ezekiel
?07. Call Ma (Skit)
?08. No Skips f. Ralph Real
?09. Call Homie
?10. Go to Mars f. Olivier St.Louis
?11. Call Manager (Skit)

Project is a great time. Its fun, its positive, its bouncy, and has all the raps and hooks you could play in front of your kids or even other peoples kids. Its short, straight to the point, has a message that is relatable to regular folks but also artists. Easy to listen to. The skits may be a problem when replaying it but other than that this project has all the replay value. Everything is clean and nothing comes off as corny either like most positive projects do. Dope voice, dope beats, dope raps, dope message. Project is dope. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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