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Stress 3 – Rushy

Stress 3 – Rushy

Stress 3 – Rushy

🚛 1.Intro
🚮 2.Streets Again (ft. KO)
💩 3.S3 WAY
👎 4.Faces (ft. RomyJo)
🆗 5.Need Money
🚮 6.Harder (ft. RomyJo)
👎 7.Big Vibe (ft. RomyJo)

You know how you hear something and immediately know that the person just shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing because they aren’t good at it and you can tell that they just do it because other people do it even though they clearly have absolutely no experience in what they’re trying to do? that’s this shit right here.
1/10 – D1C3


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