The General 1900 Edition – Big Sad 1900

The General 1900 Edition – Big Sad 1900

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The General 1900 Edition – Big Sad 1900

?01. 500 In My Cup
??02. When I Want To f. AzChike
?03. Pull Up With the Gang f. RJmrLA
☎️04. Jail Call
?05. Risk It All f. Babyface Ray & B Ryan
??06. Get It How You Live f. Joe Moses
?07. All Blues
?08. Been a Boss f. WLA Stevo & Madeoff Eskobar
??09. Pick a Street
?10. On the Way
??11. Road Trips f. ?Jiggy the Goat
??12. I Was Wrong f. ?B Ryan
?13. Outro

This project was nice. You can tell off rip this is some new age LA gangster rap. I wasnt mad at it, it felt like the music of where he was from and it was about where he was from. Not to be mistaken for that typical new age cookie cutter stuff this had a bit more authenticity. That goes for the raps the production and all. Nothing crazy, very straight forward raps, the production was cool but i can see certain ears not being into it and the pacing was cool. It had a mix of everything had some solid features, minus that jiggy fella, and had some hooks that stuck sometimes. I wasnt mad at all felt like a solid full body of work. Lil more polish and you can have something great. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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