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Quarenteen Dei – The Lupus Dei Experience

Quarenteen Dei – The Lupus Dei Experience

🔥 1.Quaranteen
👎 2.Wondasex (ft. Max Gilliam)
🆗 3.Heat Of The Night
👍 4.Church (ft. General Backpain)
👍 5.Rules
👍 6.J.P.W.T.P (ft. Meechi Music)
🌊 7.El Senor De Los Cielos (ft. Mr. Pay Per View)
🔥 8.Dylan (ft. Killy Shoot)

Project was cool. It started off dope, went a different route, then picked back up mid way through and kept its pace, but it didn’t go above and beyond. I can tell he can really deliver some dopeness so I would’ve liked to hear more energy. The quality was hit and miss, the production was dope and the lyrics were pretty dope.
6.5/10 – D1C3


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