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Glass 2.0 – Meyhem Lauren & Harry Fraud

Glass 2.0 – Meyhem Lauren & Harry Fraud

👍🏾1. Poseidon’s Wrath
🌊2. Root of Evil f. Big Body Bes
🌊3. Yucca
🔥4. Bail Money
🔥5. Steamed Monkfish (Remix)
🚒6. Ducati Dreams
👍🏾7. Brunch at the Breakers f. Bags
🔥8. G Shit
🔥9. Jarlsberg

Project is super solid. Raps are here, the production is here and the features showed up too. Pacing was type nice too it weaved from smooth to aggressive nicely. Mayhem nice but sometimes he does kinda phone in some of his raps, but overall he a vet and he shows it. This is a dope combo for sure, I didnt know how much I needed this. Very solid, dope subject matter and just overall quality. Im not mad at it at all, it all worked for me. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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