Baddest Human – Surf

Baddest Human – Surf

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??01. Never Scared
?02. Apologize
?03. Just Like Her
?04. Japanese Denim
??05. How to Play
??06. Tightrope Interlude
??07. Prove It to Me
?08. All Your Fault
?09. Me
?10. Spaceship
?11. Apart Pt. 2 (Be Careful)

This is some super new age, young sad boy stuff right here. One step above soundcloud, but like just not up there yet. Its not the worst but it does drag a bit and get repetitive. He had some catchy hooks, some lines, and some legit content but it was sprinkled very lightly amongst a bunch of flashy raps and like cool sounding words. For everything that was done right there was like 2-3 things that threw it off. There was hints of passion in here but it was drowned by the “mainstream appeal” or wave. Shame, because I am a fan of the sad boy stuff, this just wasnt it.
4/10 – John D.


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