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FWA – Lil Wayne

FWA – Lil Wayne

FWA – Lil Wayne

🔥1. Glory
🌊2. My Heart Races On (ft. Jake Troth🌊)
👍🏼3. London Roads
👎🏼4. I’m That Nigga (ft. Hoodbaby🆗️)
😴5. Psycho (ft. Leah Hayes🌊)
🆗️6. Murda (ft. Cory Gunz🔥, Capo👍🏼, Junior Reid👎🏼)
👍🏼7. Post Bail Ballin
🌊8. Pull Up (ft. Euro🌊)
🆗️9. Living Right (ft. Wiz Khalifa💤)
🆗️10. White Girl (ft. Jeezy🌊)
💤11. Pick Up Your Heart
🌊12. Street Chains
🔥13. We Livin’ Like That

This feels more like a datpiff exclusive project. Weezy really stretched some of these songs out. Tracks 3 to 12 should’ve been cut down by a minute or two. If he did that, this project would’ve been more enjoyable. Out of all the features, Cory Gunz is the only memorable feature on here. Although the there’s 2 🔥 tracks on here, this should’ve stayed a TIDAL exclusive.
4/10 – Drake K.


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