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Watch The View – Notes82

Watch The View – Notes82

Watch The View – Notes82

🔥01. Intro
🔥02. Shining Star (ft Stephanie Robinson)
🚒03. No Justice No Peace
🌊04. City Love (ft Cle’ph)
🌊05. Dreams to Reality
🌊06. Perseverance
🔥07. Count it Down
🌊08. Day Dream
🔥09. Cocaine Drip
🌊10. Fly High
🔥11. Watch The View
🌊12. Beautiful
🌊13. Outro

This is some high quality music the production is phenomenal everything sounds hella clean. There’s a lot of variety of sound here but everything works together to make a dope cohesive project. This is a solid body of work full of substance and quality that I strongly recommend spinning. If I had one criticism maybe I would of liked one bar heavy punch heavy track but that’s just me that being said If there isn’t at least a track on here that speaks to you you’re fucking dead on the inside.
8/10 – JW


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