Cowboy Bebop – Reckless

Cowboy Bebop – Reckless

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cowboy Bebop – Reckless

?01. Intro
??02. The Clouded Memories of Spike Spiegel
?03. Dear Music f. Melody
?04. Start from Scratch f. B-Dawg & Troublez
??05. Me Against the World f. Shadow & Lil’ Dee
?06. Asteroid Blues f. Miss Honey
?07. Fave f. 1 A.M.
?08. Words of Encouragement
?09. Dw f. Joseph Save & DJ 9-Thou
?10. I Ain’t wit it f. ?1 A.M. (This is her song now)
?11. Come Correct f. Green
?12. Tokyo f. ?1 A.M. (This is her song now too)
?13. Darling f. 1 A.M., Joseph Save & Rob Payne
?14. Outro

Project is a mess. Production and skits, solid. Everything else was a mess. He had either trash features which he got cooked by lowkey or features that completely took his song from him. Some of them felt like they dialed it in as a favor to him. He had too many moments where he would fit too many words into his flow and it ruined everything or he was just rapping too fast or off key then stretching lines to fit within the time between bars. It was all over, last person on track 5 sounded like his verse was recorded on a flip phone. People were dropping N bombs all over that dont sound like they got that pass or like they have sunken chests. 1 A.M. gave one wack verse then took two songs from you by a landslide. If he cleans up his flow, delivery and cadence, he could do something especially with beats like this. Till then, pass.
2/10 – John D.


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